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Horse gram Dip | Kollu Chutney

Horse gram (Kollu in Tamil) is a super food with lots of nutrients and health benefits. Horse Gram: A Super Food In Its Own Way. Most people use this for weight loss, Mix horse gram powder with milk or water and drink on a daily basis. Using this super gram we can make, Chutney (Dip), […]

Buttermilk Summer Drink

Buttermilk is the liquid after taking butter from curd. Traditionally wooden curd churner is used to take butter from curd and remaining liquid as buttermilk. I still remember that traditional churner, My grandma, Mom, using that churner to make a butter and buttermilk from that. I love that sound of making buttermilk in traditional churner, […]

Asparagus soup

Indian style Asparagus soup. This is creamy, spicy, peppery, delicious soup. This soup is made without milk and flours. Flavors of spices and asparagus gives a great taste in this soup. Here I use a roasted Chana dal (chickpeas) to get the creamy buttery texture. Asparagus is a great source of nutrients and rich in […]


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